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    POPAGANJA Pop Up Cannabis Bodega

    Ron English POPaganda Now Available On Your Favorite Outerwear

    Ron English POPaganda Now Available On Your Favorite Outerwear

    Few artists reach the level of prolificacy and recognition that Ron English has attained over his long and storied career. Featured in books, magazines, museums, and on the sides of multi-story buildings in New York City, Ron English’s unforgettable works represent a unique combination of mainstream media and iconic images from the counterculture that has always sought to expose its absurdity.

    English is perhaps best known for creating “POPaganda,” including a growing arsenal of original characters like Temper Tot, Cathy Cowgirl, and of course, the eery smiley face we known as grin. If you, like us, have spent a lifetime admiring the work of Ron English, we have some great news.

    Through a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration we’re calling High x English, you can known own your own Ron English POPaganda street art mixed in with gorgeous High Times weed designs and slogans on stylish outerwear.

    Together with English, we’ve put together an amazing collection of vintage denim and military jackets that make a stunning statement about modern cannabis culture. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite outerwear for weed-lovers below!

    Ron English Denim Jacket (Limited Edition)

    This is the pièce de résistance of the High Times x English Collaboration Collection. Not only is it a sexy piece of distressed denim in its own right, but we’ve taken things to the next level by emblazoning tongue-in-cheek “Rolling Papers” art on the back, and carefully stitched not one, not two, but NINE gorgeous Ron English icon patches on the front and sleeves. Only 100 of these denim jackets are available in the High Times shop! Become part of history. Order yours today.

    Ron English Vintage Camo Military Jacket

    Not into denim? No worries. We’ve also created this vintage camo military-style jacket for those who would rather be able to blend into their surroundings. Featuring a removable liner, concealed hood, and storm flap for extra warmth on chilly days, this jacket also features “Rolling Papers” art on the back as well as five Ron English x High Times Collaboration patches.

    Ron English Reversible M1 Bomber Jacket

    Want a one-of-a-kind jacket that can change colors with your mood? Make your feelings about marijuana culture known to the world with this stunning M1 Reversible M1 Bomber jacket featuring Ron English character patches and the vintage High Times logo on the back.

    Here at High Times, we’re dedicated to celebrating cannabis culture and bringing the message of marijuana normalcy to the world. For far too long those who enjoy and advance the world of marijuana cultivation have been pushed to the fringes of our society, and we’re here to tell the mainstream media that we’re not going to take it any more! Let your actions speak louder than words when you wear our hats, outerwear, hoodies, shirts, and more.

    We’re incredibly proud of this recent collaboration with Ron English, and love the way that his streetart looks emblazoned on our stylish streetwear! Stay woke and show the world that you’re never going to sleep again with your very own outerwear from Ron English and High Times. These garments are going fast. Order now!

    Celebrate Marijuana Reform With 420 Lifestyle Gear From The High Times Store

    Celebrate Marijuana Reform With 420 Lifestyle Gear From The High Times Store

    For those of you who have been fans of High Times ever since we launched our counterculture efforts in 1974, the past decade has been one of near-constant celebration. It was way back in 1996 that California became the first state in America to allow doctors to recommend cannabis for medicinal treatments, and since then, we’ve never stopped fighting to end this ridiculous prohibition and allow adults the right to use marijuana in a safe, responsible manner.

    Fast-forward 10 years from that fateful day, and we now have eight states and Washington, D.C., that allow adult-use recreational marijuana while an amazing 28 states have approved medical marijuana programs. There has never been a better time in history to support and celebrate the ongoing marijuana reform efforts in the United States, and the High Times store has all the gear you’ll need to capitalize on your newfound freedoms.

    Cannabis Culture Just Keeps Bringing In The Victories

    When the people make up their minds that it’s time to change, there’s nothing anyone can do to stand in the way. With the historical passage of recreational legalization in 2012, the floodgates of public opinion on cannabis opened fully for the first time. And we’ve never looked back.

    “In October 2015, Gallup reported that 58 percent of Americans favored the legalization of marijuana — tying 2013 for the highest acceptance rate recorded in the 46 years that the international pollster has conducted marijuana surveys. That acceptance rate, which was 12 percent in 1969 and a little more than 30 percent in 2000, accelerated after Colorado and Washington voted in 2012 to legalize marijuana for adult use,” reported The Cannabist.

    So now that weed enthusiasts can finally come out of our hotboxed closets, it’s time to gear up for a time of unprecedented freedom to relax and medicate with the world’s greatest plant! Good thing the High Times store has all of the educational materials and stylish gear you’ll need.

    Expand Your Mind With 420 Gear

    • Growing Guides - As the world’s leading publisher of educational materials about growing marijuana, buying our Guides should be the newbie’s first step toward becoming a fully skilled cannabis cultivator. The High Times Store has all of the most popular guides, including Special Collector’s Editions, from the past seven years or so. Hey, knowledge never goes out of style!
    • Posters - Of course, you’ll need some sweet posters to hang up in your grow room once it’s fully operational. You’ll get high just looking at this beautiful 24” x 36” poster of God’s Gift. We’ve also got a vintage print from the First Annual Medical Cannabis Cup held in San Francisco!
    • Books - Looking for educational materials that are a bit more in-depth? The High Times store has all the books you’ll need to start your anti-prohibition library. We recommend dipping in a toe with titles like, It’s NORML To Smoke Pot, which chronicles the 40-year fight for marijuana smokers’ rights, or High Times: A 40 Year History Of The World’s Most Infamous Magazine.

    Show Off Your Style With Marijuana Clothing

    Just because you’re serious about becoming a home grower doesn’t mean you can’t show your love for cannabis culture with some fun apparel!

    • Flannels - We’ve got a full selection of one-of-a-kind flannel shirts featuring the POPaganda of world famous artist Ron English. Mix and match your favorite flannel colors with the Ron English patch of your choice!
    • Hats - Cover up your noggin with one of the official High Times cannabis counterculture caps featuring vintage logos or designs created exclusively for us by Ron English! We’re particularly partial to the Reefer Madness Dad Hat and the Ron English Grillz Teddy Cap.

    Whatever you need to embrace your freedom to enjoy cannabis, the High Times store has it! Start shopping now.

    Limited Edition Marijuana Clothing For Serious High Times Collectors

    Limited Edition Marijuana Clothing For Serious High Times Collectors

    Have you been a faithful reader of High Times since our intrepid launch back in 1974? Or maybe you only discovered us a few years ago, as marijuana legalization began to sweep the country--first medically and now recreationally! Either way, you’ve come to rely on our publications to help keep your finger on the pulse of our ever-changing cannabis culture, and you’re looking for a way to take your collection of magazines, posters, and growing guides to the next level.

    Now’s the perfect time to expand your collection of High Times clothing. We’ve got an online store that’s bursting at the seams with limited edition designs that are just begging to be added to your collection of anti-prohibition, pro-marijuana apparel.

    We hope you’ll take a few minutes to browse through our entire collection of unique, limited edition marijuana clothing and see how easy it can be to wear your counterculture heart on your sleeve (literally!). Pressed for time? No worries. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite pieces below. Simply click on the links to place your order today!

    Ron English Denim Jacket (Limited Edition)

    RON ENGLISH VINTAGE DENIM JACKET, with thc, and rolling stones pathes.

    We just can’t stop looking at this amazing jacket. Featuring gorgeous, high-quality, acid-washed denim, it’s already conjuring up memories of our grunge years. On the back? A nearly full-sized “Rolling Papers” poster featuring a parody of the Rolling Stones tongue and lips logo and a nod to everybody’s favorite strain, Strawberry Kush. To top it all off, this jacket features NINE High Times x Ron English collaboration patches. Only 100 of this denim jacket were ever made. Get yours today!

    Ron English Pepe Short Sleeve Tee

    High Times x Ron English, pepe le pew, skunk weed tshirt.

    This shirt throws it back, WAY back, to the times when smelling a skunk meant something much different to the average American. We love the way Ron English combines vintage cartoons (Pepe Le Pew, anyone?) with modern marijuana culture to send a very clear message about cannabis normalcy in today’s culture. Show the world that you only have time for the very stinkiest of weed with this hilarious High Times t-shirt. Also available with long sleeves!

    Infamous High Times Logo Cap

    Navy Blue, High Times Infamous dad cap. with multi-color logo for cannabis enthusiast

    Looking for some headwear that speaks to your feelings about marijuana counterculture? We have a cap for that! (Well, lots of them, actually). This comfortable Dad cap features the vintage High Times “Infamous” logo over a navy or pink distressed cotton background. Whether you’re heading out to your favorite concert or simply to mow the lawn, you’ll want to shade your eyes with this awesome limited edition.

    Infamous Logo Satin Jacket

    High Times, satin black baseball jacket, with multi color logo. Psychedelic colors for weed lovers

    Love the High Times “Infamous” logo so much that you want to wear it on something much bigger than a cap? Check out our vintage baseball-style satin jacket featuring the multi-colored High Times logo around which weed enthusiasts have rallied since 1974. Featuring a 100% nylon satin shell, you can rest easy that this limited edition jacket is safe from a sprinkling of rain. Rep the counterculture in this one-of-a-kind jacket that will have all your friends crying with jealousy.

    Limited edition High Times apparel is our nod to the counterculture freaks who have been with us since day one, as well as the newcomers who are using marijuana’s new cultural normalcy as a way to express their true passions for the first time in their lives. We’re here to help redefine society and show the world that growing, using, and embracing cannabis is the next step in our evolution toward a better world. Want to join the revolution?

    Order your limited edition High Times jackets, shirts, hats, and more, online today!




    The Ron English x High Times POPAGANJA pop up opens to the public on 147 Orchard Street on October 25, 2016 and runs until November 8, 2016.

    In the pop up cannabis bodega, Ron has taken his signature parody style and given it a cannabis twist. Think a KFC container that says THC, or the words “Shredded Weed” emblazoned on a Shredded Wheat cereal box. Slated to run at Manhattan’s Lower East Side until the first week of November, plans are already underway to bring the pop up to the West Coast and beyond. The pop up bodega in NYC, however will be the launch of Popaganja and will include one-of–one Ron English x HIGH TIMES clothing items designed by HIGH TIMES merchandise creative director Brian Wood.

    POPAGANJA is Ron’s first major endeavor to thrust cannabis and decriminalization into the forefront. Teaming up with the newly established HIGH TIMES Lifestyle and Apparel the partnership is two-pronged:

    1. Popaganja Cannabis Bodega, The Wood Shoppe (NYC) – a bodega-themed pop up to be launched in the Lower East Side, NYC on the 25th of October;

    2. Popaganja High x English Collection Launch– the launch of the High x English collaboration which was simultaneously made available on the 25th of October on the newly launched



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